When you receive a dental procedure at our office, Dr. Rebecca D'Andrea may use The Wand® to ensure your comfort. Also known as the Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System, this technology is designed to enhance local anesthetic injections, providing a pain-free experience and helping you receive the care you need without discomfort.

Technology-Driven Pain-Free Injections
The Wand is a notable advancement in the administration of local anesthetics, and works using state-of-the-art computer technology to ensure a pain-free injection. Traditional injection techniques can be uncomfortable and intimidating for patients, potentially deterring some from seeking this form of treatment. The Wand overcomes these challenges by offering a controlled, precise and virtually painless experience. It uses a small, handheld device that looks much less intimidating than a traditional syringe and needle.

The Wand system administers anesthetics with minimal discomfort by controlling the flow rate, pressure and volume of the injection. This ensures that the anesthetic is administered slowly, steadily and at an optimal level, minimizing the discomfort often associated with injections. This system also allows for more precise targeting of specific areas, improving the effectiveness of your care. This precision is particularly beneficial in procedures that require a more focused approach, such as filling a cavity or performing a root canal, as it allows our Dentist to numb just one or two teeth rather than the entire mouth.

Advantages of The Wand
The Wand offers many benefits, including:

  • Alleviating the anxiety associated with injections and with dental visits in general
  • A controlled delivery method that makes the process of numbing he treatment area more comfortable
  • Greater efficiency and a reduced likelihood that additional injections of anesthetics will be needed

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