What Is Soft Tissue Grafting?

Soft tissue grafting is an oral surgery treatment that is used for patients who have extensive damage to gum tissue, either from dental trauma or periodontal disease. Also called gum grafting, soft tissue grafting transplants gingival tissue into the areas of the mouth that have experienced tissue recession. If not treated quickly, the loss of gum tissue can contribute to the loss of teeth, as well.

How It Works

soft tissue
When conducting soft tissue grafting, we use tissue taken from other healthy areas of the mouth or from a tissue bank to stitch a graft into the areas of the gums that need to be restored. Over time, the new tissue will heal and be absorbed into the old tissue, which will help restore the areas of the mouth affected by gum recession. Our Dentist may also use special medication and proteins to help your body heal faster and promote natural growth.

Our Dentist will explain the procedure to you if you need tissue grafting so that you know what to expect as we help you achieve optimal oral health.